100% Recycled, Made in the USA


The foundation of quality starts with ProIMPACT under your equipment.

Stable base, noise reduction and impact absorption.

What's under your equipment is as important as the equipment itself.

Cushioning layer for equipment and floor protection.

The protection your floor needs...

...for your demanding applications

Recycled material made for endurance.


Durable Rubber Flooring for demanding environments. Athletic, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional

ProIMPACT Professional Grade Rubber flooring is manufactured in the midwest from Recycled Rubber. Our high quality professional grade rubber products are impact-resistant and provide excellent shock and sound absorbing properties. Start your next project off right by choosing ProIMPACT rubber flooring. 

- Economic and Durable
- Slip and Impact Resistant
- Shock and Sound Absorbing
- Long Lasting Rubber
- Low Maintenance
- Protects Hard Surfaces
- Environmentally Friendly


ProIMPACT Rubber Flooring for Athletic Applications

For Athletic Facility

ProIMPACT Rubber Flooring For Your Shop

For Your Shop

ProIMPACT Rubber Flooring for Your Workout

For Your Workout

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